Founded: 1554

Population: ~ 23 million

Telephone dial code: 011

Airports: Garulhos (International), Congonhas (Domestic), Campo de Marte (Aero Taxis & private jets) 

São Paulo is a cosmopolitan city that is the flip side of the coin to Rio. The forest of skyscrapers seems to go on for ever and it can be disorientating so make sure you don't forget your map ! You can get an accurate one for free along with a metro map at the tourist information desk at any arrival point. There is a huge amount to see and do here. 

São Paulo is the commercial and financial heart of Brazil. Paulistas will be more interested in the dollar rate and what's on at the art galleries than spending an afternoon on the beach.

If you are new to the city a good first place to stay in São Paulo is Praça da Republica as there are hotels in every price range from budget travel options to the São Paulo Hilton. It's also geographically central, has a metro station and the airport coach from Garulhos will take you straight there.

The must see sights of São Paulo include the Museum of Art (MASP), Japanese Immigration Museum, Ibirapuera Park, the Metropolitan Cathedral, Terraço Italia restaurant and The Sky Bar at the top of Hotel Unique. And that is just the tip of the iceberg !