When considering what travel insurance to purchase for your holiday in Brazil you need to consider how long you are going to be in the country and where within Brazil you are going.

If you are on a short vacation or passing through then any fully comprehensive travel insurance policy will be okay. Make sure it is worldwide travel insurance as Brazil usually only comes under worldwide.

If you are staying in Brazil for a long period, say the maximum tourist visa stay of 6 months or you are on an exchange program it will be cheaper to buy domestic health insurance once you arrive in Brazil from people like Golden Cross or Unimed.

Chopper rescue. Better to be safe than sorry ! You certainly need to get extreme sports insurance cover as rock climbing and hang gliding are popular pursuits in Brazil. Even if you aren't interested now you could well change your mind when you get here to Brazil and you’ll be missing out on big opportunities if you don't have the correct insurance. If you are traveling into the Amazon we recommend ticking the chopper rescue option as you will find yourself a long journey from civilization as soon as you leave Manuas !