São Paulo's bars and nightclubs nightlife is a legendary all night affair that will have you up until sunrise. São Paulo's nightlife has incidentally been voted the best in the world by the residents of São Paulo ! They can be forgiven for their prejudice because, as any international traveler who's been will tell you, the São Paulo nightlife is awesome.

Rosas de Ouro Dancer.

There's a myriad of bars and clubs to try in São Paulo but the best two districts to start with are Vila Madalena and Vila Olímpia. Vila Madalena is west of the central area and has it's own metro stop. Vila Olímpia is south of the central area and "close" to both Ibirapuera park and Congonhas airport but sadly doesn't have a metro stop. Both of these districts have hotels and they are nice areas to stay in. In terms of what's on offer Vila Madalena has bars and life music venues with a lively street scene. Vila Olímpia is slightly more upmarket with bar restaurant venues on Rua Profesor Atílio Inocente such as The Aliba Bar and Penelope's Nightclub. The best thing about going out in São Paulo is that lots of people speak some English.

Dancing Girl São Paulo


There are samba schools in São Paulo and you can go to the practice sessions here too. Schools such as Rosas de Ouro and Academicos Tucuruvi are popular. You can find directions to Rosas de Ouro on their website and Academicos Tucuruvi is opposite the metro station of the same name. It's still samba as you know it, but the attitude in the samba schools is very different to Rio. 

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