Rio de Janeiro boasts a clean, safe and extensive public transport system. The buses run 24 hours a day and the metro is open from 05:00 to midnight six days a week and from 07:00 to 23:00 on Sundays. The main bus station with national and international connections is called "Rodoviaria" For Airline offices click here.


There are 3 types of bus to choose from: Standard, Air conditioned or Executive. The fare, terminating destination and the major neighbourhoods which the bus travels through en-route are displayed in the front windscreen.

Useful Bus numbers:

From: Avenida N.S. Copacabana, Visconde Pirajá (Ipanema) or Ataulfo de Pavia (Leblon)

        511 Urca / Leblon for Sugar Loaf Mountain

        583 Cosmo Velho for the train station to Statue of Christ

        433 Villa Isabel / Leblon for Praça Varnhagen

       474 Jacare for Luiz Gonzaga Centro Nordestino

Un-numbered Real Auto Onibus to Rodoviaria for the Rodiviaria and Praça Mauá (where you go to extend your visa.)


From the Beach Fronts.

        175 Barra da Tijuca. For Barra beach.

       S20 Recreio

       750 Cidade de Deus (City of God)

Un-numbered Real Auto Onibus with red stripe to Aeroporto International for the airports.


Surf Bus.

The orange or blue Oi sponsored Surf Bus runs from Botafogo beach to Prainha four times a day, 7 days a week. Departures are at: 7h, 10h, 13h, 16h and return from Prainha at 8:30, 11:30, 14:30 and 17:30. You can board and alight anywhere along the beach front route. Click for route map


Rio has one of the most modern underground transport systems in the world. There are two lines that run from Copacabana through the Finance District and on to the far north of the city. The south line is being extended as far as Gavea and there is a special Metro Bus that will take you past Sequiera Campos. State your destination at the booth (e.g. Praça General Osório) if you need a ticket for the Metro Bus. For the Centro district (Avenida Rio Branco) alight at Carioca. 



Rio's taxis are yellow with a blue stripe. There are lots of them and they'll flash their lights at you if they think you're in need of a ride ! All taxis are metered and there is a different rate for day and night journeys.

Mini Vans.

The mini vans are basically a cross between a bus and a taxi. They travel a pre-determined route as displayed in the windscreen and will drop off / pick up anywhere along that route. They are cheaper than taxis and faster than buses.


A fast bike and rider with you on the back wearing the spare helmet. Hold tight or you'll be in for a fright ! Height and age restrictions do not apply... Only recommended for the brave or foolhardy.


Running late for your date ? Need to impress the Girl from Ipanema ? If you're cash rich / time poor this mode of transport is for you ! They are faster than taxis and cheaper than a private jet. Try