São Paulo has an integrated public transport system of Metro, Trains and buses. Given the size of the city, from the tourist perspective, it's less hassle to stick with the Metro.


The São Paulo bus network is vast. It runs 24 hours per day. As the train link from Garulhos International Airport is under construction there is an executive bus that runs to Praça Republica (this is not the picture below). This is the most cost effective way of travelling to and from the airport.

São Paulo Bus Network.


The CPTM incorporates underground Metro, over ground trains and an electric bus link named EMTU. The Metro runs from 04:30 until midnight. Click here for large metro Map.



Taxis in São Paulo are white. You'll see them everywhere.


Aero Taxis operate from both of São Paulo's airports. Impress your colleagues and usurp your rivals by flying yourself directly to the top of your company's sky scraper !