Brazil accommodates a wide selection of tour options from the standard hotel and flights package tour, to multi stop cruises and Eco Tourism. The Eco Tourism is especially novel as you can choose to partake in NGO projects or even escape to the central Amazon and fish for piranhas !

Brazil Yoga Retreat Bahia.Brazil Yoga Retreat.

From the Amazonian rain forest comes the most potent catalyst for expanded consciousness known to humanity. This sacred medicine is known as Ayahuasca, a Quechua Indian word meaning "Vine of the Soul". Ayahuasca is powerful, divine, magical – teaching a respect for life and facilitating healing and self-discovery far beyond the frontiers of conventional treatment. Learn more at Know Thyself Bahia.

Eco Tours

Task Brazil is one of Rio's leading N.G.O.'s and they offer an exciting all inclusive eco tour on their farm project. The tour includes several days in Rio de Janeiro city and a stay at Epsom College farm in upstate Rio de Janeiro where you can partake in developing their self sustaining conservation project. 

For an overview of the project here or for full details please click here.

Ouro Preto

Ouro Preto Tour Guide - Personal tours of Ouro Preto and Minas Gerais with Pedro Paulo 

Rio de Janeiro - Mountaineering guide and trips to climb Rio's most famous peaks ! 

        Chambre d'hôtes - Tours of Rio in French, English and Portuguese.