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Flights to São Paulo are the easiest to find as São Paulo is the best connected city in Brazil ! São Paulo's Guarulhos airport is Brazil's busiest international Flying over Sao Paulo airport and has the cheapest flights to Brazil. However Brazil is a long way from  most countries and due to a large Brazilian expatriate population flying to São Paulo is not cheap in the same sense as cheap flights in Europe or North America. 

The cheapest city from which you can fly to São Paulo is Miami. Other North American cities with direct connections are: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Washington D.C., Toronto, and Mexico City. From Asia there are direct flights from Tokyo and Osaka both via L.A.  and Beijing via Madrid. The Middle East has one direct flight from Dubai to São Paulo. From Africa you can fly direct from Johannesburg and Dakar. From Europe you can fly from London, Amsterdam, Paris, Munich, Frankfurt, Milan, Madrid, Helsinki, Istanbul and Lisbon.

São Paulo has direct connections with all the capital cities in South America and Panama City in Central America.

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Flight Times to São Paulo

Flight times to São Paulo

Check Arrivals and Departures at São Paulo Guarulhos with Brazilian Air Traffic Control. Check Sao Paulo Arrivals / Departures here.

When you arrive at São Paulo Guarulhos you'll find yourself in a 2 terminal airport in the north east of the city. The two terminals are interconnected and you can walk the length of both terminal buildings comfortably in 20 minutes. The airport is zoned as Terminal 1 sections A and B, Terminal 2 sections C and D. There are of course bars, shops, cash machinesSao Paulo Guarulhos Airport and duty free. If you have a stop over in São Paulo Guarulhos you can kill about 2 hours here looking around the duty free and eating a meal before it gets tedious. If you have a longer stop over then certainly consider going into central São Paulo, but you will need a minimum of 3 hours. There is also a pay by the hour hotel if you want to get some sleep. Guarulhos airport is 25 km north east of central São Paulo and there is no metro train connection. The official airport transfer service is called Airport Bus Service (website) and their office is on the right hand side as you exit (right) from the terminal building. They operate 16 different routes through São Paulo and the route to central the area terminates at Praça da República. TAM (Brazil's national airline) operate a free shuttle bus between Guarulhos and Congonhas - São Paulo's domestic airport. São Paulo is a huge city of over 20 million people so don't be surprised if you find it overwhelming to begin with.